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rs|air Wireless Internet

Rapid Systems Advantage
at a glance:

  • 100% Owned by Rapid Systems
  • Connections up to 10 Gig
  • Industry Experts on Staff
  • Latest Microwave Technology
    • GPS Sync
    • WIMAX
    • LTE
    • 2048 QUAM
    • Licensed
    • Un-Licensed
  • Supports all internet technology
  • Ultra Low Latency to Datacenters
  • Ultra Low Latency to IP networks
  • Multiple upstream providers
  • IPV4
  • IPv6
  • BGP
  • MPLS
  • Layer2 Point-to-Point
  • Layer2 Multi-Point
  • Local sales staff
  • Local installation staff
  • Local support staff
  • Local Outside plant
  • Enhanced SLA’s
  • ETHERNET Handoff
    • (No Telco or Cableco modem)

Rapid Systems – We didn’t invent the internet, we just made it better!

Rapid Systems Network

Rapid Systems owns and operates the rs|air Network, a fully independent broadband IP network built on best of breed technology.  Rapid Systems network contains no Legacy Telecom components, instead Rapid Systems utilizes cutting edge technology based on Metro Ethernet standards with speeds up to 10 gigabit.  Rapid Systems networks is designed to work with any standards based network equipment allowing our customers to support any device for today’s Internet of Things.  

The rs|air network is an all ETHERNET high speed Metro Ethernet Network providing high speed broadband using a variety of next generation Wireless and Fiber technologies.  Our network enables devices and applications to realize utltra low latency layer2 performance. 

Rapid Systems is the only provider that can offer your business the fastest and most reliable Internet access and private line communications.  With  local installation, local support and local personnel.  We don’t lease or lines from the phone or cable company.  We don’t use third party installers, We don’t outsource our support desk or Network Operations Center.

Rapid Systems combines the rs|air network with multiple datacenters and upsteam Tier 1 service Providers.  Additionally we connect to the Tampa Internet Exchange and private carriers offering direct layer 2 and layer 3 access to local networks within the state of Florida.

With Rapid Systems, you getting the most advanced network communications platform is just the beginning. Certified and experienced customer support, multiple datacenters and the will-do attitude is what you get with Rapid Systems.

rs|air Coverage Area and Pricing

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