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Wireless Bridges and Apps

Wireless Bridges and Applications

Rapid Systems takes great pride in delivering outstanding services and the latest wireless technologies.

We strive to deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ specific requirements. Rapid Systems is full service wireless telecommunications systems integrator supporting a variety of RF based solutions. Rapid Systems owns and operates the rs|air network, a wireless network covering 29,000 square miles of central Florida. Rapid Systems has the technical and field experience to implement wireless broadband networks scaling from point to point between two locations to massive fully routed wireless networks covering tens of thousands of square miles.

Rapid Systems provides wireless communication solutions that are reliable, secure, and integrate seamlessly with new and existing network infrastructure.  The Rapid Systems engineering group has implemented thousands of solutions nationwide including Microwave, Mesh Networks, WiFi, Fiber Optic and Free Space Optics and have installed these services for organizations such as the NOAA, NASA, the Associated Press, the White House Press Corps, Cox Radio and Motorola.

Some of Rapid Systems Solutions include:

Ship to Shore Communications

Digital STL (Studio to Transmitter) for HD Audio and Video

Remote Traffic Cameras

Mobile Pavilion for trade shows

Emergency T1 Replacement service for Cellular Carriers

Remote Camera operation for Space Shuttle Launches

Mesh WIFI Systems for RV Parks

Banking Applications

60 Mile Tower to Tower backhauls

Multi-City WIMAX deployments

High Performance Digital Imaging

Rapid Systems’ engineers are among the best in the industry. We are:

National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) Member

American Tower Certified

Crown Castle Contractors

Comtrain Certified

Emergency T1 Replacement service for Cellular Carriers

Gravitech Certified

Motorola PTP and Multipoint Certified

Motorola Wireless Field Engineer

Trango PTP Licensed Projects

Ceragon Certified

MRV Free Space Optics Trained




Cisco Certified

Rapid Systems Integrates Solutions including:

OSS|BSS Systems

Custom Dashboards

Repair and Dispatch Services

Managed Network Services


We offer your business the fastest and most reliable Internet access and private line communications.

Industrial Networking

Server Colocation, Offsite Backup, Managed Virus Services, Email Hosting, Website Hosting and many other hosted services.


Whether it’s for your home or business, we offer multiple high speed packages to suit all of your needs.

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