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Hosted Internet Services

Hosted Internet Services and Server Colocation

Rapid Systems Server colocation puts your servers in our secure state of the art data centers located in Tampa, Florida. We provide from basic to fully managed server colocation at multiple datacenter facilities. These datacenters are located at Level(3) facilities as well as private secure locations.

Whether you need to colocate a single server to mirror data or provide a service outside of their existing infrastructure or need to move their critical network infrastructure to a managed facility with security and piece of mind, Rapid Systems has pricing plans and options to meet your requirements. With options allowing you to use your own server or lease one from Rapid Systems, load balancing, high-availability and firewall security, the possibilities are endless to what you can do.

Remove the need for costly T1 and Fiber lines in your business by remotely administering your server inside the Rapid Systems Network. You have access to all the services that thousands are already enjoying. We provide customized packages with internet or private access across our DSL, Fiber or rs|air network. These private services create your own private network from our datacenter to your facility with the security you need to maintain PCI compliance and conform with HIPPA regulation.

Public Server Colocation

True redundancy is important to ensuring your servers stay up and running. The Rapid Systems network provides multiple network routes to multiple Tier 1 network providers to provide >99.999% uptime for your colocated servers. Whether you’re running a private website or a large scale service requiring hundreds of gigabits of bandwidth per month, Rapid Systems has the redundancy, facilities and bandwidth to meet and exceed your needs.

Private Server Colocation

Within the Rapid Systems Network, we can provide IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging services to expand your local area network between several rs|air or DSL connections and your colocated server at our datacenters. Using VLAN Tagging, Rapid Systems can provide private secure routing between your company’s remote locations, the corporate headquarters, and the colocated servers. This solution provides an excellent way for businesses to run remote applications and services, create interoffice network shares, upload important data to a protected location, perform remote backup and recovery and more.


Single and Multi Server

Redundant Upstream Providers

Private VLAN in DSL / Fiber / RS|AIR

BGP Support

Remote reboot  control

Bandwidth graphs

Static IP Addresses

Help Desk / Level 2 support

10 /100 Port

Turbo Circuit Support

Cloud Services

Advanced Firewall


We offer your business the fastest and most reliable Internet access and private line communications.

Hosted Services

Server Colocation, Offsite Backup, Managed Virus Services, Email Hosting, Website Hosting and many other hosted services.


Whether it’s for your home or business, we offer multiple high speed packages to suit all of your needs.