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Hardee County Technologies

Hardee County Technologies

Rapid Systems / Hardee County Broadband Project

The Rapid Systems /Hardee County Broadband Project is a unique fiber forward design that has three counter rotating rings. These counter rotating rings run EPS or Ethernet Protection System allowing them to provide a superior level of fault tolerance and self-healing on the middle mile network.

The counter rotating rings are made up of advanced fiber switches and high capacity Motorola/Cambium/Ceragon microwave links. These counter rotating rings intersect multiple locations providing access to our Hardee County, Level3 and Cogent Datacenter facilities.

By utilizing multiple rings with each link being designed for 5 9’s service (99.999% uptime), The Hardee County Broadband Systems is able to provide over 6 9’s service (99.9999%) on the middle mile network.
(1-0.99.999)* (1-0.99.999)= 99.9999999 or 9’9’s of availability.

We offer three types of last mile service:

Rapid Systems offers wireless broadband service utilizing fixed wireless service using microwave technology and antenna systems to deliver the broadband service. An antenna is mounted on the outside of the facility and an Ethernet cable is run into the customer’s service destination which is typically the customer’s router. The service travels to the broadband tower via directional antenna with the best signal. Once attached to the network the service is fixed on that particular tower access point to ensure a reliable connection so it doesn’t roam like your cell phone.

Our towers have multiple types of technologies and depending on a variety of factors. One technology may provide better service than another. Each custom installation is engineered for the best connection via the best technology for the service package desired. The network has been designed to provide the maximum coverage area for Hardee County.

1. WiMAX

WiMAX, an acronym meaning “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX),
is an IP based, wireless broadband access technology that provides broadband performance with the coverage and QOS (quality of service) of cellular networks. WiMAX is a wireless digital communications system, also known as IEEE 802.16 that is intended for wireless “metropolitan area networks”. Rapid Systems designed the Hardee County broadband WiMAX network to provide maximum performance at 7 miles of coverage per access point. The WiMAX service is a licensed technology so issues of interference are decreased. WiMAX operates on licensed frequencies, providing a regulated environment and viable economic model for wireless carriers.

2. ME2

ME2 is a layer2 based broadband access technology that provides next generation broadband performance with enhanced receiver sensitivity and MIMO antenna diversity.

ME2 is a wireless digital communications system, also known as IEEE 802.11N, that is intended for wireless “metropolitan area networks”. Rapid Systems added additional capacity to the Hardee County broadband network to provide a broadband product up to 30mbs. The ME2 service uses the Industrial, Scientific and Medical Bands (ISM) to provide services. M22 operates on shared frequencies; professional link engineering and advanced coding at the chipset level provide a low latency stable environment designed to be interference tolerant.

3. Point-to-Point Dedicated ervices

FiberWave service is an IP based, wireless broadband access technology based on FCC Part 101 rules. FiberWave service provides dedicated Fiber performance with QOS (quality of service) for converged networks.

FiberWave is a dedicated licensed digital communications system. It is intended for Government, Datacenter, Enterprise and Cloud based businesses that need ultrafast, low latency performance up to 1 gigabit. FiberWave service is engineered from the customer location directly into the middle mile network. Options include East/West diversity and 2+0 configurations. Rapid Systems RF engineers will design the solution to 99.999 (5 9’s) percent efficiency on single path configurations and 99.9999 (6 9’s or greater) on dual path.

August 18, 2015