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rs | air Broadband

The rs|air Network is a fully independent IP network that provides outstanding price and performance for today’s business applications.

Wireless Bridges & Apps

High Performance – Point to Point – Multi-Point – Mesh Solutions

Hosted Services

Remove the need for costly T1 and Fiber lines in your business by remotely administering your server inside the Rapid Systems Network.

Providing the most advanced internet experience in the State of Florida.

Since 1996, Rapid Systems has been providing superior service and support.

Rapid Systems is a full service Internet and Information Technology company providing fixed Wireless to 11 counties in our state of Florida.  Our broadband packages are unlimited and uncapped for government, business and residential applications. We specialize in rural communities and permanent as well as temporary broadband solutions.

Rapid Systems engineering designs, builds and manages Infrastructure Services for public and private entities.  Our broadband solutions are customized for a variety of industries from mining to healthcare incorporating the latest technologies including automation and AI.

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