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Hardee County

  • Are there equipment rental fees?
    Equipment rental is free and maintained by Rapid Systems as long as you have the service.
  • Is the service similar to satellite?
    Satellite service is different than fixed wireless broadband. Fixed wireless broadband is being delivered from your computer a short distance (less than 10 miles) to your network. Satellite services have to travel from your computer to the provider, the provider sends a signal to a low orbiting satellite then the satellite sends it back down to your computer to get connectivity to the internet.
  • If I’m on the list am I guaranteed service?
    You are guaranteed an onsite visit for service testing to ensure the best possible signal. The list is a prioritizing list that will provide service for the people listed first.
  • Will tree coverage at my home effect whether I get service?
    Tree coverage can hinder the ability to receive wireless service, however we are utilizing non-line of sight gear which gives the best chance of delivering service where obstructions are present.
  • Can I send and receive faxes?
    The wireless service is adequate to support sending and receiving faxes through programs such as efax. This type of program would be at an additional cost paid directly to the faxing company. They will provide you with a phone number and then those faxes will come into your email. You will not be able to use a standard fax machine unless you utilize a service like MagicJack. Then you will have a voice line and can hook up a fax machine. Please note there are additional charges for MagicJack - paid directly to them.
  • How does the service compare to DSL?
    Our wireless service is similar to DSL on download speeds as we offer 3, 5, and 10 Mbps download, where DSL can currently go to 7.1 Mbps download. Our wireless service offers much higher upload speeds than DSL, as DSL has a maximum upload ability of 768 kbps, while our wireless packages go to 5 Mbps and higher. To check your speeds, please check our Speed Test.
  • What kind of cable will be run through my home?
  • How big is the Motorola device that goes on the roof?
    Specifications regarding the equipment installed on the roof can be found here.

    Quick Specs:

    • Wind Survival 118 miles/hr (190 km/hr)
    • Wind Loading 26 lbs. (11.9 kg) at 118miles/hr (190km/hr)
    • Weight 7.9 x 7.9 x 3.2 inches (~200 x 200 x 80mm)
    • Weight 3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)
  • How is the service delivered to my home?
    The signal is transmitted from a tower or a pole that is close to your neighborhood. A radio called a subscriber module will be installed on your roof or on the side of your home and a cable will be run down into your home and end at a POE (Power Over Ethernet) adapter, which provides power to the radio while simultaneously transmitting data back and forth. Your devices (most commonly a router) then plug into the POE to connect to the Internet.


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