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rs|air Wireless Internet


Business Services

A fully independent IP network that provides outstanding performance for today’s business applications.

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Residential Services

Rapid Systems can offer your home the fastest and most reliable Internet access and private line communications.

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About Us

We specialize in providing service to remote residential and commercial areas in the greater Central Florida area.

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Hosted Internet Services

Server Colocation

We provide from basic to fully managed server colocation at multiple data center facilities which are located at Level(3) facilities as well as private secure locations.

Offsite Backup

An Internet-based service that allows computer users to routinely backup and recover their important data using a secure and trusted server on the Internet.

Managed Virus Services

For your business to survive and thrive, you need a smart, simple, and secure solution that keeps your protection current all the time and covers all the bases.

Email Hosting

Hosted mail services provides you with every service you would need and expect from a corporate mail server directly on Webmail.

Wireless Bridges and Applications

IP Surveillance

We provide surveillance and advantages include support for long-range directional links, seamless roaming for mobile cameras and monitors, high security and prioritized QoS to accommodate other applications.

Point to Point

Our high-performance, cost-effective bridges make reaching the out-of-reach easier than ever and provide greater than 99.999% uptime in even the most challenging situations.


The purpose of Wi-Fi is to provide wireless access to digital content. This cintent may include applications, audio and visual media, Internet connectivity, or other data.

Point to Multi Point

Wireless Point to Multipoint Solutions consist of broadband wireless Base Stations and Subscriber Radios that offer a powerful answer for customers seeking reliable and high-speed connectivity systems.

Integration Services

Network Services

There is no better company to turn to for Network Engineering than an Internet Solutions Provider that has built a network of over 70,000 users over the past 8 years.

Cisco Services

Our Cisco certified technicians can design, repair, upgrade, and install your network to Cisco specifications.

Data Center Support

Enterprise Servers are at the core of critical Business Information Systems, and therefore a central focus of your business network.


We offer your business the fastest and most reliable Internet access and private line communications.

Hosted Services

Server Colocation, Offsite Backup, Managed Virus Services, Email Hosting, Website Hosting and many other hosted services.


Whether it’s for your home or business, we offer multiple high speed packages to suit all of your needs.

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